Advisory Services


Addressable Market Evaluation

Are you trying to determine the right market segmentation for your solutions? Maybe it  you have a specific target market but are not getting traction in building a strong pipeline. It might not be that the market is ready for your product. In fact, it is quiet possible that you are targeting the wrong segmentation or region. Our Advisors will give the insight needed to determine the most accurate addressable market. 

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Strategic Planning

Financial institutions are faced with understanding current trends and the demands of younger generation customers and members. Technology is rapidly changing too, and that must also be incorporated into the Strategic Plan. Optimizing multichannel financial services by leveraging technology is just one dimension to growing your Financial Institution. Strategic Planning must come before technology implementation to ensure that business goals are correctly aligned with selected technology solutions. These solutions must be vetted against the Financial Institution’s business objectives so that the technology efficiently serves the business.

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Technology Review

Our advisors take a holistic view of the technology infrastructure when we assisting our clients with a technology assessment and technology plan. Our process includes:

  • Gathering data with our electronic technology questionnaire
  • On-site interviews with all levels of management to understand all needs and opportunities for improvement
  • Extensive cost analysis of all technology costs and providing measurements for long-term cost management, and
  • Producing a working document that will enable you to manage and transition through a long-term technology plan

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Vendor Contract Negotiation

When bringing in a new Financial Institution technology vendor, one of the most important parts of the process is the contract negotiation. With the right contract in place, your business can move forward knowing you are getting the technology you need at a price that works in your budget. While the amount of savings varies tremendously based on a number of factors, such as how many solutions you have with a particular vendor, the time since the prior contract and other factors, we see a minimum savings of between 9 and 23 percent on their total technology spends after our thorough technology negotiation services. Several of our clients are able to save much more than this.

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Cyber Security Review & Training

We have developed our Cyber Security Review to address these points and help organizations improve their cyber resilience strategy:

  • Board focused deliverable's and supplementary detailed content.  We know that most organizations need information in different layers to help with the decision making process and to assist with security improvements.  A specific report for your specific situation; we don’t assume that one report fits all. 
  • A prioritized list of key threat actors to your business based on real time threat intelligence.
  • Maturity scoring of your cyber security controls and a target maturity score.
  • A prioritized roadmap to improve your cyber maturity including quick wins and strategic initiatives.

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Vendor Management Outsourcing

Transform FinTech can manage your vendor risk management program. Our service gives you consistency for managing your vendors and holding them accountable to their contractual commitments.

Our services include:

  • New Vendor Onboarding which includes, contract review, audit for compliance, monitoring, alerting and maintenance of vendor information profiles.
  • Risk Assessment & Due Diligence which includes risk rating, criticality, gathering and reviewing documentation, prepare DD report, financial, SSAE16/SOC2, BCP/DR and Appendix J Reviews, Insurance Reviews, Fourth Parties and Subcontractor reviews.
  • Monitoring Services which include news monitoring, risk alerting, vendor performance reviews and SLA & remediation tracking, audit and exam support. 
  • Termination which includes vendor termination and records retention/archive.

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